Property Management

With the understanding of the importance of property ownership, we involve honesty, integrity, utmost care, confidentiality and Trustworthiness in our services to maintain a friendly business relationship with Our Clients.

We also manage some of the posh apartments, commercial and Residential properties including exhibitions, car parks and institutions within Nairobi and its outskirts.

Property management involves directing and supervising of property with the
The aim of securing returns defined as full management or partial management.


Full Management

With full management, the landlord hands overall management’s responsibilities to us which includes getting new tenants, environmental cleanliness, handling of electricity, water, and rates bill matters, Renovation of premises and supervision of workers.

we give them the necessary equipment to give an excellent outcome. Mongoose Property cares Ltd collects rent from tenants every end of the month whereby we pay the landlord his cheque less our commission.

Partial Management

In partial we act as rent collectors but the rest of the property works are done and supervision by the landlord e.g Maintenance, security, caretakers.

When given the management the supervisor employs workers providing them with the necessary working equipment to give an excellent outcome.


Tenants are supposed to pay their rent from 5th-8th depending on the agreement.


We pay the landlord immediately the rent is paid unless there is an agreement for advance payment.
Once the property is under our management, the landlord has no right to collect rent or interfere with the tenant since doing so shall be termed as a breach of contract and we have the right to terminate the contract.


We make sure that bills are paid on time by dispatching them to the tenant immediately they are received in our offices. Those bills which are paid by the landlord e.g Security lights, land rates, water and common utility are paid on time.


Letting involves marketing of vacant house. This involves proper renting of tenants and getting all the relevant personal information i.e. ID, Pin No., and ensuring that the tenant signs the agreement accordingly.

Site Visit

Our field staffs are dedicated to constant visit and inspection of the properties under our management and hence advice the client.

Fee and Charges

Our fees range between 7-10 % on total rent collection exclusive of  V.A.T  subject to term and conditions agreed upon.


We advise our clients on all matters pertaining to government eg. Land rates and rent V.A.T and income tax.

Property Sales and Letting

This involves giving a proper rightful full exposure it deserves in order for it to find a quality tenant or sell at the required price.

Mongoose property cares ltd ensures our clients get access to substantial exposure and to a pool of high quality tenants and buyers thus reducing the turnover time for their properties and achieving a better price.

Our work involves:

• Designing attractive color brochures for the property
• On-site marketing via signboards, banners and the stationing caretaker where applicable.
• Hosting an open house scheme(where applicable)
• Media marketing through the newspaper, property magazines, and other publication.
• Internet marketing through our prominent website,
• Identification and vetting of potential tenants /buyer
• Finalizing sale/rental of the property on the best term.
• Follow-through of all deals including liaison with third parties such as advocates.

Properties on our sales and rental portfolio include undeveloped land,residential and commercial properties.

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